Rodrigo Veríssimo

I believe in a life that is lived with love, conscience, and focus on continuous improvement.

I started photography as a hobby back in 2012 while I was taking my Electrical Engineering degree. Back then, most of my work consisted of landscape and portrait photography and I learned a lot from it. I also did several online courses from black and white composition and street photography to portrait and landscape photography.

I started being a serious photographer since the beginning of 2019 while also working as a Data Scientist. Since then, my focus has been on portrait and street photography mostly with film, but also digital.

I have a fascination with photography, mainly with film photography, because of how timeless it can be. I never forgot the box of film negatives my grandfather gave to me that was taken 50 years ago! While I didn’t have any digital photographs with more than 2 years of age due to computer and backup malfunctions. I do want to have photos to show my grandchildren just like my grandfather showed me and I do want you to have as well.